Roof Cleaning

Got green algae on your roof? With our chemical treatment & cleaning we can remove it and prevent it from ever growing back.

Roof Restorations

We undertake all types of roof restorations in Melbourne including cement, terracotta and metal.

Roof Repairs

Cement, Terracotta, Metal and Colour bond roof repairs. Valley Iron repairs & replacement, fixes to leaking roofs & broken tiles.

Laser Lite/Poly Roofing

Replacement of damaged or faded polycarbonate sheets. We can also install new colour bond, polycarbonate or a combination of both on alfresco/patio roofs.

Bedding & Pointing

If you have a tiled roof, you may find over time that the bedding and pointing will need to be replaced or improved on.

Whirley Birds/Roof Vents

Whirly birds or roof vents are essential for reducing heat from your roof by extracting hot air, thereby cooling your entire home.

Roof Painting

Make your roof look brand-new, in the colour of your choosing, to improve the appearance of both your roof and your home.

Terracotta Glaze

Terracotta tiles are a very long-lasting, when they are maintained properly. This is why a terracotta glaze is important, it prevents moss from growing back for years to come, it’s the perfect option for restoring semi glazed tiles.

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